Get informed - Get clued up on what you're drinking - Take control

Get the Facts Straight

  • Drinking in children and young people remains a concern, with 17% of males and 14% of females aged 11-16 in Wales drinking alcohol at least once a week
  • The hospital admission rate in children and young people under 18 for alcohol-specific conditions have been decreasing steadily, but around 410 young people were still admitted per year in the most recent period
  • Alcohol is a powerful drug, legal but still a drug. It changes the way your body works, it messes with your thoughts, it makes you feel differently and it changes the way you act
  • Alcohol is not just dangerous for alcoholics or dependent drinkers – it can cause you problems even if you've never drunk alcohol before
  • Stay healthy – understand the implications for your body and mind
  • Over 1000 under 16s suffer serious facial injury every WEEK due to alcohol – don't become another UK statistic
  • You must be 18 to legally buy alcohol – no exceptions
  • Drinking too much won't impress anyone – especially the opposite sex

This booklet Thinking About Drinking should provide you with more information.

Visit the website: "Why let drink decide - Information for Young People" to find out more.