The National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS) is a 16 week activity programme designed to each individual's needs to help those who have been identified by a Medical Practitioner, to participate in high quality, supervised physical activity to improve health and wellbeing.

Access to the scheme can be obtained through a visit to your Doctor's surgery, who will then refer you (if eligible) to a member of the Ceredigion County Council Health Intervention team who will then contact you.

A number of physical and psychological benefits have been reported through the scheme including muscular strength increase, helping to maintain independence, being able to carry out daily activities for longer as well as becoming more confident.

For further information about NERS contact Paul Jones, Exercise Referral Coordinator: 01970 633610 or 07812087968

Postural Stability Exercise Classes

Are you concerned about yourself or a friend / family member who has had a fall or is afraid of falling? Ceredigion's National Exercise Referral Scheme are now conducting Postural Stability Exercise Classes across Ceredigion. For some these classes can reduce the chance of falling by up to 54%. For more information contact your GP or Paul Jones, Ceredigion Actif: 01970 633610 or