COVID-19 Gold Command

The Ceredigion County Council COVID-19 Gold Command meets weekly with sub-groups meeting daily to discuss the developments of Coronavirus and how best to deal with the developing situation.

The Group continues to meet and work with partner agencies including Public Health Wales to respond to the pandemic.

Governance Structure: Governance Structure for decision making during COVID-19

Pay and display Council car parks - OPEN

Cashless parking charges have been introduced in Council car parks. 

Ceredigion Leisure Centres and Swimming Pools - CLOSED

All Council run leisure centres, swimming pools and facilities have closed as a precautionary measure.

Aberystwyth Farmers Market - CLOSED

Aberystwyth Farmers Market has not resumed. 


All the latest information and support for Carers in Ceredigion can be found here on the Support for Carer pages.

Cered: Welsh language initiative - VIRTUALLY

Cered are currently offering online activities but no face to face activities. Take a look at their Facebook (Cered: Welsh language initiative) (Cered: Welsh language initiative)Twitter  and (Cered: Welsh language initiative) Instagram  page to keep up to date with their activities. 

Ceredigion Archives - CLOSED

Ceredigion Archives has not resumed its service. Take a look at their Facebook page Archifdy Ceredigion Archives to keep up to date with their activities. 

Ceredigion Museum - CLOSED

Ceredigion Museum has not re-opened. Take a look at their Facebook (Ceredigion Museum), and Twitter (Ceredigion Museum) page to keep up to date with their activities. 

Ceredigion Youth Service - VIRTUALLY

Ceredigion Youth Service are currently working virtually with no face to face activities being held. Take a look at their Facebook (Youth Service), Twitter (Youth Service) and Instagram (Youth Service) page to keep up to date with their activities. 

Ceredigion Waste Services - PARTIALLY OPEN

For up to date information visit Ceredigion Waste Services. 

Ceredigion libraries - CLOSED

All Ceredigion libraries are closed. Take a look at their Facebook page Llyfrgell Ceredigion Library to keep up to date with their activities. 

Council Tax

All the latest information about Council Tax in Ceredigion can be found on the Council Tax pages.

Day Centres - CLOSED

Any service user who has needs that are deemed to be critical based on their assessment will continue to receive appropriate support at home during this period. If a service user or related family wishes to discuss this further, you are welcome to contact the Council on 01545 570881.

Housing Service

Housing Service Adjustments: New temporary measures relating to housing have been introduced by the Governments of the UK and Wales. Read more here: Coronavirus: Housing Service Adjustments.

NERS activities - CLOSED

Public Health Wales are undertaking a review of virtual delivery and will be developing with WLGA a phased plan for return to more a normal delivery.

More information can be found here: 

Registration Service - PARTIALLY OPEN

For information about what services we can offer at present and how to make an appointment visit Registration Service

Residential Care Homes - VISITS SUSPENDED

We understand how difficult this may be to relatives and residents, and they will continue to be able to communicate via telephone and video conferencing/skype calls. We are extremely grateful for the co-operation shown by staff, care home residents and members of the public as we take every step to keep Ceredigion’s residents safe and well. We are also grateful for the cooperation of the private care homes who have also temporarily suspended all visits.

Staff in each Care Home across Ceredigion are tested for COVID-19 every fortnight, in line with government guidelines.

Theatr Felinfach - CLOSED

The Theatr is temporarily closed until further notice. Take a look at their Facebook (Theatr Felinfach), Twitter (Theatr Felinfach) and Instagram (Theatr Felinfach) page to keep up to date with their activities. 

Tourist Information Centres - CLOSED

Tourist Information Centres are currently closed. Take a look at their Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with their activities. 


Ceredigion County Council is endeavouring to make payments as normal during these challenging times. Whenever possible priority will be given to the small businesses, organisations and individuals that rely on regular payments from the Council for example, those in the care and transport sectors. Payments-related enquiries should be emailed to