We are providing emergency childcare for frontline service staff. It should be emphasised that this should be a last resort for childcare as the demand has been unprecedented and guidelines state that children will be safest at home as social distancing is key and can be very difficult within these centres. We thank everyone for their patience during this time and again urge you to make other arrangements if at all possible.

Frontline services are Health Service workers, Police, Fire Service, Social Services or Care Services. Workers in the Care Services are defined as the Council’s care homes, the authority's private homes, childcare settings and those providing domiciliary care in people’s homes within the authority. This service will only be available to families where either both parents are frontline workers or if a single parent is a frontline worker.

There are four locations across Ceredigion providing childcare provision, which are:

  • Cardigan Integrated Children's Centre (Campws Ysgol Gynradd Aberteifi)
  • Aberaeron Primary School
  • Dyffryn Cledlyn School
  • Yr Ysgol Gymraeg Aberystwyth

On Saturday and Sunday, the only locations open will be in Aberaeron and Aberystwyth. If transport is an issue as a result, please email school.reviews@ceredigion.gov.uk.

  • The service will run seven days a week, from 8am to 6pm
  • Parents will be expected to provide packed lunches for their children as the service will not be providing food at present. They should also bring their own water bottle to refill themselves throughout the day
  • Further guidelines can be seen here. The locations and times may change in future depending on demand
  • The service is not intended to replace the service provided by private childcare providers but to increase capacity due to school closures

Parents will need to register every week (for the following week’s service). To register for the service for the period Monday 13 April to Sunday 19 April, please apply below.


Proof of employment will be required daily. If you do not receive a confirmation email (which will be sent out on Thursday) you should NOT attend.

For this period, the deadline to register is 5pm Wednesday 8 April.