Children, Young People and their Families sometimes need a little extra help for them to have happy, healthy and successful lives.

Team Around the Family can offer advice, help and support in pulling together the right people to help.

How does it work?

  • Someone, it could be you, or a professional, has some concerns or worries about a child, young person or family.
  • You, or a professional, complete a request for support to say what you, or they, are worried about and what your hopes are of our support. We will also check that you agree to information about you and your family being shared with other services.
  • A TAF Coordinator makes contact with you and your child and starts to look at ways to help.
  • A small number of people who we think can help are asked to be part of a Team around the Family.
  • All of us work together to agree actions and draw up a plan.
  • One person who is part of the team will make sure the plan is followed.

What sort of things can you get help with?

  • Improved Parent Wellbeing
  • Developing Parent presence and skills
  • Young people and independence skills
  • Improving family resilience, physical or emotional health
  • Managing challenging behaviours
  • Addressing emerging developmental delay
  • Family Relationships and Couple Conflict
  • Reducing the harm caused by Substance misuse
  • School attendance and communication with School
  • Bullying
  • Housing and hardship
  • Anti-social behaviour


As a rule the information which you and your family provide will only be shared with your agreement. The TAF form gives you the opportunity to choose which agencies your information can be shared with although the more people we can involve the better the service is.

However there may be certain times when the people working with you need to share information without your agreement.

For example

  • To help a child who is at risk of harm
  • To help prevent or detect a serious crime

Privacy Notice

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Contact details for Team Around the Family (TAF)

Tel: 01545 572649

Please fill in the Request for Support form below or contact us to ask for a paper copy by post.

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