Ceredigion County Council has funds available for communities interested in dealing with their waste locally and sustainably within Ceredigion.

The purpose of the scheme is to encourage communities in Ceredigion to come up with new and innovative ideas. Your community might be looking to start a community composting scheme, or might want to start collecting materials for recycling for which we do not currently provide a service.  Perhaps you just want to improve the quality of your local environment using recycled or re-used materials.

The maximum amount that is available to communities in Ceredigion is £500.

All community groups and activities who wish to apply for the grant should be based within Ceredigion. However, applications from organizations outside the County boundary will be considered where it can be seen that there would be a benefit to the inhabitants of Ceredigion.

Grants are available towards such things as:

  • Community composting schemes
  • Recycling hard to recycle materials
  • Improving your community green space by creating a community garden or using recycled furniture for a community area

Grants are not available towards such things as:

  • Dog waste bins
  • Litter bins
  • Recycling materials already collected by the Council i.e. paper, glass, plastics, cans and tins

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