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02) Further Consultation October 2006

Consultation is taking place on the further Proposed Modifications to the Ceredigion Unitary Development Plan as a result of the Direction received from the Welsh Assembly Government. All objections or representations must be received before midday on the 30th November 2006

The Council received a Direction from the Environment, Planning and Countryside Department of the Welsh Assembly Government on the 14th June 2006 regarding policies in the Unitary Development Plan (UDP). This Direction was subsequently modified in a letter received on the 27th July 2006.

In line with the Development Plan Regulations the Council is now making the Direction and its proposed response to the Direction publicly available. See links provided to view copies of the Direction and amended Direction.

The amended Direction now solely relates to the position of settlement boundaries around larger and smaller settlements covered by policies H1.2B and H.1.3 of the UDP. The Direction requires (for these larger and smaller settlements as defined by the above 2 policies) either the withdrawal of the settlement boundaries or the redrawing of settlement boundaries to include the immediate current built form only unless the use and positioning of the boundaries could be further justified.

What this means is that the UDP cannot therefore be formally adopted until either the UDP is modified to comply with the Direction or the Direction is withdrawn.

On the 14th September 2006 Ceredigion County Council's Full Council considered the Direction issued (as modified) and the options available to determine whether the UDP should be progressed or not (see links provided to view copies of the Report and minute of the meeting).

The Direction requires the local planning authority (LPA) to make a major change to the UDP. If the LPA proposed to make that change then it would be necessary to hold a further public inquiry unless there were no objections to the proposed change. The outcome of such an inquiry cannot be prejudged and the need to hold it would cause both delay in moving to the local development plan (LDP) process and considerable outlay. Furthermore it would not lead to an adoptable plan. Due to new European regulations the plan could now only be adopted if accompanied by a Strategic Environmental Assessment and it is not considered possible to create such an assessment to fit a pre-existing plan.

For these reasons the LPA are not minded to comply with the Direction and instead propose to move on to the LDP process while using those policies in the UDP which are not affected by the Direction for Development Control purposes. As such:

The UDP will be modified by the end of reliance on Policies H1.2B and H1.3 together with the removal of settlement boundaries from settlements covered by those two policies.

What this would mean is that development proposals would be considered by using the Dyfed Structure Plan and national guidance. In addition, all policies, other than H1.2B and H.1.3, would be material considerations, for example those relating to density, mix, community impact and affordability. An interim statement or supplementary guidance note would be needed to explain how residential development in the larger and smaller sized settlements would be considered until the LDP has progressed.

Objections to, and representations in respect of, the proposed modifications should be sent in writing to Russell Hughes-Pickering, DESH, Neuadd Cyngor Ceredigion, Penmorfa Aberaeron, SA46 0PA or by e-mail to by no later than Midday on the 30th November 2006. Objections and representations should specify the matters to which they relate and the grounds on which they are made, and may be accompanied by a request to be notified at a specified address of the withdrawal, adoption, approval or rejection of the plan proposals.

Following on from the UDP the Council will begin work on a new plan called the Local Development Plan (LDP). The need for an LDP stems from the Government's Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act that made major changes to the way the planning policy system works. The new system is intended to streamline the local planning process with increased flexibility to respond to changing local circumstances and to strengthen community and stakeholder involvement.

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