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Matters Arising Changes Consultation

Consultation now closed

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Ceredigion County Council is currently undergoing the Examination of the Ceredigion Local Development Plan (LDP).If, and when, these Plan proposals are adopted they will form the development plan for the County and will be the basis for decisions on land use planning affecting that area.

The Council is now consulting on a limited number of proposed changes that have arisen as a result of Matters Arising to date during Hearing Sessions 1-3 of the Examination. The changes are being proposed by the Council pursuant to the appointed Inspector's independent examination of the LDP. All Matters Arsing can be viewed in full on the Examination website

These changes relate to Section 6 (The Strategy) of the Local Development Plan along with other parts of the Plan, including matters affecting 'Linked Settlements and Other Locations'. These proposed changes are now the subject of public consultation and will be discussed at future Examination Hearings. Any further changes to these or other parts of the Plan will not be the subject of formal public consultation, however they will be advertised on the LDP Examination website available at:

The changes being consulted upon are outlined in the consultation document: 'Changes resulting from some of the Matters Arising during Hearing Sessions 1-3 of the Ceredigion Local Development Plan Examination' (July 2012).

These Matters Arising changes are subject to formal consultation, from Thursday 5th July 2012 to Noon (12pm) Friday 3rd August 2012.

Copies of the Matters Arising consultation documents (along with related updates in terms of the Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating the Strategic Environmental Assessment) and the Habitats Regulations Assessment) are available from the 5th July 2012 for public inspection free of charge at the Council Offices at Penmorfa Aberaeron, public libraries including mobile libraries and at the Council's Adpar Office during normal opening times specified at (or contact 01545 572123 for opening times). They are also available on the Authority's below:

Representations relating to the Matters Arising consultation document should be sent to arrive no later than 12 noon on Friday 3rd August 2012 either in writing to:

Mrs Llinos Quelch
Planning Policy and Research Services Manager
SA46 0PA

or emailed to

Representations should specify the matters and grounds to which they relate, but please note at this stage they must only relate to one or more of the changes proposed in the Matters Arising consultation document. They should not propose further changes to the original Deposit. Any such representations will be disregarded as they should have been made during the earlier stages of plan preparation. These representations will then be forwarded to the Welsh Government and Planning Inspectorate, for consideration by the Inspector appointed to examine the soundness of the plan.

Only those making representations, seeking to change the Deposit LDP whose representations were 'duly made' (i.e. in accordance with earlier notices), have the right to appear before and be heard by the Inspector at the Examination in Public (Section 64 (6) of the 2004 Act), along with representors on the Proposed Focused Changes, whose representations were duly made and representors on the Matters Arising consultation whose representations are duly made and who wish to appear at the Examination.

Further information regarding the consultation process is available from the Planning Policy and Research Services Team at the above address (postal and e-mail) or by calling 01545 572123.

Any questions relating to the Public Examination should be directed to the Program Officer Rhys Roberts on 01545 572071 or on email:

A Guide to the Consultation Document

Please note that the following summary is intended as an overview of the consultation document and will not cover all the changes.

The Matters Arising changes predominantly relate to the re-drafting of Section 6 of the LDP. This was required following discussion at the Examination Hearing to better clarify, simplify and shorten the number of policies included in that Section. This includes incorporating some policies from other sections of the Plan. It was acknowledged at the Hearings that such a re-drafting exercise should be for clarity and does not change the overall LDP Strategy.

In addition the Inspector raised concern at the Examination in relation to managing the rate and level of development in 'Linked Settlements and 'Other Locations'. This has resulted in proposed changes to Policy S04 which:

  • Applies a maximum headroom of 12% on top of 2007 dwelling numbers for each 'Linked Settlement' – above which no further units would be permitted unless justified to meet affordable housing need or for a TAN 6 rural enterprise dwelling;
  • Results in the reclassification of some 'Linked Settlements'. Those which were less than 27 units in size as at 2007 will now be classed as 'Other Locations' and removed from the 'Linked Settlements' list (Appendix 1); and
  • Require that development not located in Service Centres or 'Linked Settlements' (that is development located in the 'Other Locations') only be permitted where justified as an affordable house or where they comply with TAN 6 in terms of a rural enterprise dwelling.

The Redraft also includes any other changes raised to date in relation to Section 6, including any amendments to Site Allocations such as housing site number, site descriptions, site deletions, deletion of policies (including LU01), amendments to Appendix 1 and 2 as well as addition of new appendices etc.

Other parts of the Plan remain to be reviewed in light of the amendments contained in the Consultation document. Any further amendment required either in response to existing or further Matters Arising will therefore be dealt with through the usual process for such matters, that is, they will be placed on the Examination website. . Such changes will not be the subject of a formal consultation.