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Information on Candidate Sites

From this page you can access information on the candidate sites process (please note no further submissions will be accepted)

The consultation has now closed

As part of the Local Development Plan (LDP) preparation the Local Planning Authority (LPA) invited developers, landowners, public service providers, health providers and community councils to submit to the Council land that they would like to be considered for inclusion in the LDP for development.

All the Candidate Sites that were submitted can be seen via the Council's interactive mapping available via this link

All the Candidate Sites were assessed against a defined methodology, this methodology is explained in the document Candidate Site Methodology. Within the Candidate Site Assessment Process Topic Paper a more detailed explanation of the Candidate Site Process is explained. Both of these papers are available from this webpage, see to the right.

Sites that failed against Stages 1 and 2 of the Candidate Site Assessment Process can be seen within the document Candidate Site Assessment Process, Failures up to Stage 3 This document is available from this webpage, see below.

Information regarding the assessment of Candidate Sites that progressed to Stage 3 of the Candidate Site Assessment i.e. those within an Urban Service Centres (USC) or a Rural Service Centres (RSC), is contained within the Executive Summaries for the relevant USC or RSC. These summaries can be accessed via this webpage, see below. The Executive Summaries provide a synopsis of the Candidate Sites within the USC/RSC or within the 400m buffer as implemented by the Candidate Site methodology.

Candidate Sites that were put forward solely for employment purposes were assessed by NLP. This assessment resembled stages 3-5 of the Council's approach to assessing sites. Details regarding that assessment are set out in the Review of Potential Employment sites in the Aberystwyth Area (NLP, 2010) and Review of Potential Employment sites in South Ceredigion (NLP, 2010) reports and are available to view in the background papers 

The results of both reports are summarised in the Council's Topic Paper Employment and Rural Economy. This paper clarifies which sites are to be carried forward and allocated in the LDP. This paper can be viewed in the background papers

Some Candidate Sites were submitted for uses related to the County's existing mineral sites: Cardigan Sand and Gravel and Pant. These sites have been investigated within the Candidate Sites Executive Summaries: Minerals paper. This paper can be viewed from this webpage, see below. The process is also described within the Candidate Site Assessment Process Topic Paper, which can also be accessed below.

Sites that have been allocated for housing, employment, mixed use, transport and minerals in the Local Development Plan are listed under Policy S08, Volume 1 of the Deposit Version of the Ceredigion LDP.