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Pre Deposit Consultation -Consultation now closed.

Consultation now closed.

1) Ceredigion LDP Preferred Strategy
This contains:

  • the main issues that the planning system need to address
  • vision for the County that can be delivered by land use planning,
  • objectives to deliver the vision
  • the preferred strategy (the preferred approach to dealing with growth in terms of level and location of development)
  • a set of strategic policies which will help deliver the vision and objectives and therefore address the issues.

The content of the report is based on the research and engagement work to date. The LDP Key Stakeholder Group has been involved in progressing work on the issues, vision, objectives and how to deal with growth in terms of location and development.

2) Sustainability Appraisal Report (which includes the Environmental assessments)

To make sure that the Preferred Strategy is sustainable, the Council undertook a Sustainability Appraisal, which considers the effects of the Preferred Strategy on the environment, economy and community. This is an ongoing process, however the results of the Sustainability Appraisal to date, incorporating a Strategic Environmental Assessment, are available as part of this consultation.

3) Habitats Regulations Assessments Screening Report.

The potential impacts the Preferred Strategy might have on Ceredigion's European sites, which contain protected wildlife and habitats need to be checked. This is called a Habitat Regulation Assessment. This is an ongoing process however the results to date, are set out in the Screening Report which is part of this consultation.

Please find below the following documents:

  1. Pre Deposit Consultation Summary Leaflet
  2. Preferred Strategy &  
  3. Preferred Strategy Response Form
  4. Initial Sustainability Appraisal Report,
  5. Initial Sustainability Appraisal Report Appendices,
  6. Initial Sustainability Appraisal Report Non Technical Summary &
  7. Initial Sustainability Appraisal Report Response Form
  8. Habitats Regulations Assessment for the Ceredigion LDP Screening Report,
  9. Habitats Regulations Assessment for the Ceredigion LDP Screening Report Appendices &
  10. Habitats Regulations Assessment for the Ceredigion LDP Screening Report Response Form

If you are unable to open any of the pdf files or have the error file corrupt when trying to download please download the latest version of Adobe Reader for free.©

Background papers to the Pre Deposit LDP are also available 

The Technical Reports that accompany the Economic Needs Assessment & the following Regeneration Strategies:

Llandysul & Pontweli Spatial Regeneration Strategy (Draft) Hyder 2007,

Lampeter Economic Development & Regeneration Strategy Development Framework (Draft) Hyder 2008 &

the Tregaron Regeneration Strategy – Hyder 2006.

Also a link to the Aberystwyth Masterplan – LDA Design 2007

These are all in English Only