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Candidate Sites Register

Welcome to the candidate site register where you can access details on all the sites submitted to the LPA for consideration for development.

Reps and candidate Sites

As part of the process towards preparing the Local Development Plan (LDP), the Council invited developers, service providers, landowners and others with an interest in land to submit sites they wished to be considered for development or other uses through the LDP. The sites identified are referred to as Candidate Sites.

Approximately 1,500 Candidate Sites were submitted for all sorts of potential uses such as: housing, employment, retail, leisure, waste, transport, open space, health and community uses. These also include sites suggested as part of existing regeneration projects such as the Aberystwyth Masterplan, and sites suggested by the Local Authority.

Please note that these are currently candidate sites only and no decision as yet has been made as to which of the specific sites will actually be included in the Ceredigion Local Development Plan.

Although the formal consultation has closed sites can still be submitted as late entries as they will be considered, but should be done by the 28th of April 2009, as assessment will begin shortly after this. If you wish to submit a new Candidate Site forms are available on request from the Policy Team.

As part of Ceredigion Local Development Plan's Delivery Agreement, the Local Authority agreed to make the Candidate Sites available to the public. This is known as the Candidate Sites Register and is available in a number of forms:

· As an interactive map,

· As an Excel Spreadsheet,

Each Candidate Site has been given a unique reference number known as an 'S Number'. This S Number remains the constant across the different sources and can be used as a cross reference between them.

Please note that this is a working list of sites and updates will be made periodically to the information on specific sites and with regard to any additional sites received.

Further details on how to access these sources is available at the bottom of the page.

You are welcome to comment on any of the candidate sites received to date, however comments received will not be dealt with as part of the formal Pre Deposit consultation process. However any such comments received will be looked at when assessing sites at a later date. Forms are available for such comments upon request from the Policy Team.

Interactive Map

You can access the interactive map by clicking on the icon to the left or on the link below. Candidate Sites are delineated by dark red outlines and symbols. Note that some Candidate Sites which relate poorly to spatial areas have been mapped as lines or symbols. Instructions on how to use the map are available on the PlanAccess Help Pages.


Excel Spread Sheet

The Excel sheet attached contains a list of all the submitted Candidate Sites including positional information in the form of an Ordnance Survey six figure grid reference.