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Engagement Events

The LDP team are holding a number of working groups to look at a range of important issues which will underpin the development of LDP policy.


At the moment the areas identified for Engagement Events are as follows:

Population and household projections, Local Housing Market Assessments, Housing, Employment, Energy & The Welsh Language,  a few Local Secondary Schools, Communities First Tregaon & the Uplands, 50+ Forum & Key Stakeholders.

The purpose of each workshop is to look in detail at the topic, in terms of information that exists and the issues that relate to it. This will enable the LPA to then firm up topic papers and to take them forward to provide the basis for discussions with wider stakeholders regarding vision, objectives and strategic options. The draft key issues, vision, objectives & options are now available upon request

For each workshop a group has been/is being set up which is large enough to be representative while small enough to be effective. The backbone of each group will be based around the Ceredigion Community Strategy (2020) and its subgroups with additional membership as appropriate. Members of the C2020 group are invited to ensure a balance view is provided – others are invited because of expertise they hold or relevant organisations or groups in society that they represent.

The people invited to each particular workshop are listed below. If you feel that you should be included on one of the workshop sessions please let us know as soon as possible along with an explanation as to why you feel you should be involved. If you are not invited to be part of the group you can still make your views known to any appropriate group member or to the Forward Planning team.
Generally each working group will meet once but it may be necessary for a second or third meeting. All meetings should take place during March-June 2008 so that information is in place for wider stakeholder meetings in June/July 2008.

Each workshop will be informed by a draft topic paper prepared by the LDP team. As the papers are working drafts they will appear in English only until they are finalised – at which point they will be bilingual. If you have any comments on the papers please forward to the forward Planning team in advance of the date of meeting or to one of the Group members.

Please keep an eye on the web page for details of future meetings.