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Examination Library

The Examination Library consists of copies of key guidance documents, Planning Policy Statements and Guidance, local documents and other information used during the examination.

On the following pages links to the relevant documents are provided where these are possible, in some cases they are links to websites that host the documents, and are correct at the time of publishing.

The Examination Library is split into three different parts.

LDP Submission Documents (these are the documents that were submitted for examination)

  • Local Development Plan Documents
  • Topic papers
  • Key background papers

Strategic Context (these are documents that informed the process of preparing the plan)

  • Other Ceredigion Council Documents
  • Key Regional and Sub-Regional Documents
  • National and European Policy
  • Legislation & Guidance

LDP Examination Documents (these are documents that were submitted as part of the examination process)

  • General Examination Documents
  • Hearings Documents