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Brynhoffnant Inn

Article in the Gambo, No. 41, December 1986, p. 9 

Translated from Welsh :

'A few years ago, when June Edwards the landlady was serving food to a customer, she spied a man sitting on a chair that used to stand behind the door. He had a long white beard and wore a long grey old fashioned coat and a black hat. Jane said 'hello' and he gave a friendly nod. Jim, her husband asked his wife who she was talking to - he only saw an empty chair!'

Article from Gambo, Gambo, No 116, May 1994, p. 5   

Translated from Welsh :

Mrs Jones, Brynhoffnant

....Summer 1939, she and her husband bought Brynhoffnant Inn from her cousin, David Reynolds (father of the poet Idris Reynolds).
They then ran the inn for 32 years. Her husband, David Lloyd enjoyed being a landlord, he was a great storyteller. It was a popular pub, not only with the locals but with members of the airforce from nearby Aberporth.

During the 1950s, Fforddolion Ceredigion was established at the public house by Dewi Emrys, Eluned Phillips, Eser Evans, Tommy Herbert and other local people interested in arts.

Dai Lloyd died in 1954, but Bessie stayed on as landlady for more than 18 years. The local Welsh speakers would call her Mrs Jones and the English would call her Bessie. 

She remembers the characters who would frequent the inn, Sam Cambrian, Wncwl Ben, Eser Evans, Tom Dolanog, Major Herbert, Closglas, Mary Hale, Dai Nantybach and others.

Local poets would meet at Brynhoffnant for years. The 'Lounge' would be kept every Saturday night for Alun Cilie, T. Llew Jones, Dic, Jac Alun and Donald Ifans. Dic Jones describes Bessie as 'y gwraig ddoeth a chraff' (the wise and astute woman).

There have been numerous interesting events centered around the pub. During the snow of 1947, 28 people were trapped in the inn and 30 were holed up there during the snows of 1965. Another memorable night was when Dic Jones celebrated his 1966 chair win at Aberafan National Eisteddfod. Alun Cilie would lead the 'Cymanfa'r Glyn' there.

Bessie Jones retired in 1971 and moved to Aberporth'