The Council intends to introduce a policy in relation to its role as the body that licences scrap metal collectors and scrap yards.

Prior to introducing a policy, the Council is keen to engage with interested parties. A four week consultation will now take place on the content of the policy prior to it going through the Council’s democratic process prior to implementation. Individual consultation will take place with the public; with all Ceredigion County Council Elected Members; all Town and Community Councils; local scrap metal dealers and collectors licensed by this Authority; Natural Resources Wales, Heddlu Dyfed-Powys Police and other relevant stakeholders.

The proposed policy is designed to provide advice and guidance to those individuals or businesses intending to deal in or collect scrap metal. It is also designed with a view to licensing officers taking a consistent approach and one that is transparent to our customers.

We encourage constructive feedback so that the final policy is one that is fit for purpose for all concerned.

Please send any comments by email to before 2nd March 2018 with the subject title "Scrap Metal Dealers Consultation".

We would be interested in particular to establish:

  • Whether you approve or disprove of any aspects of the policy
  • Your reasoning behind any concerns with reference to specific paragraphs
  • If there is any additional reference material that will assist us in formulating this policy

Ceredigion Scrap Metal Policy - Draft