Between the 24th of August 2015 and the 5th of October 2015 we encouraged people who live in the County to take part in an online Budget Challenge to have their say on how they would balance the Council’s budget.

They could do this by using a simple and easy budget simulator that would generate their opinions on where they would accept cuts.

There were 1466 hits on the introduction page of the challenge which translated into a total of 329 valid responses. The aim of the exercise was to cut £10 million from the current budget by reducing the allocation of funds to various parts of the organisation and, until the appropriate level was achieved, it was impossible to submit the results.

An analysis report on the results of the Budget Challenge exercise was presented to the Cabinet on the 10th of November 2015. The report asked for Cabinet to note and take account of the results of the Budget Challenge exercise in reaching its decisions on the 2016-2017 Council Budget.

A full explanation on the Budget Challenge exercise and the detailed analysis report can be seen here:

Budget Challenge Analysis Report

Even though the closing date for the exercise has passed you can still access the budget simulator here. Have a go if you would like to try and balance the Council's budget, but please note that your selections will not be recorded.

Budget Challenge