Please note that the public consultation has now closed. This page is currently available for information only.

​The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 came into force in September 2014 and requires all local authorities in Wales to map, plan and make continuous improvement to its active travel networks (for pedestrians and cyclists).

An active travel journey is defined by the act as 'a journey made to or from a workplace or educational establishment or in order to access health, leisure or other services or facilities'. Recreational routes are not included.

Please remember the purpose of the Existing Routes Map is not to show all walking and cycling routes. It is about existing routes that the Authority considers provide for Active Travel journeys within the requirements set down by Welsh Government.

Integrated Network Map

As part of our commitment to making better provision for walkers and cyclists in Ceredigion, we will be producing an Integrated Network Map, setting out our 15 year programme of improvements to active travel routes.

Public consultation is currently being undertaken to inform the development of the Integrated Network Map, which reflect the public and stakeholder engagement undertaken earlier this year:


Cardigan (Please note that routes in St Dogmaels are within Pembrokeshire County Council)

Lampeter (Please note that routes in Cwmann are within Carmarthenshire County Council)

Please note: the routes are aspirational only at this stage and there is no guarantee that the Authority will be able to get the funding or grants needed to construct them, however we will endeavour to seek funding wherever we can.

Existing Route Map

The Existing Route Map for Ceredigion was approved by Welsh Government in July 2016 and can be viewed on the Active Travel page. The maps below have now been updated with additional routes, most of which have been upgraded following improvement schemes thanks to grant funding from Welsh Government.




The Existing Routes Map for walking and cycling should be read in conjunction with the Statement and Explanation, which provides additional information about a small number of routes which do not meet the standards set out in Welsh Government Guidance, but still provide useful links in the overall network.

What you need to do to have your say

Please note that the public consultation has now closed. This page is currently available for information only.

What happens next?

Consultation responses will be reviewed in detail and amendments made to the Integrated Network Map where required.

The Integrated Network Map will be submitted to Welsh Government on 3rd November 2017 for approval.


The timetable put in place by the Active Travel (Wales) Act is as follows:

  • 5th July 2016 - Submission of the Existing Route Map to Welsh Government
  • 3rd November 2017 - Submission of the Integrated Network Map and resubmission of the Existing Route Map to Welsh Government
  • 24th September 2020 - Resubmission of the Integrated Network Map and Existing Route Map to Welsh Government

Further information about the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 and the relevant guidance documents information can be found on the Welsh Government website.

Thank you for your time and support in developing our Active Travel Maps.

This publication is available in Welsh, and in other languages and formats on request.