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Welcome to the Carers Information Service magazine (previously known as Jigsaw) for Carers in Ceredigion. Issues will be released in February, May / June and October.

The Carers magazine provides local and national information that may be useful to Carers and professionals. The Carers Magazine aims to inform Carers of recent news, up and coming events, achievements, and details of support and services available nationally and in the local area.

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We welcome your suggestions and ideas for future editions of the Carers Information Service magazine. We would still like to include a readers letters page so welcome any letters, whether about content in this magazine or other items close to your heart. Or if you have an idea for an article or even if you just want to pass on your thoughts or comments, please do get in touch with us at the Carers Unit. We would love to hear from you.


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This publication is a partnership between the Ceredigion Carers Development Office, Social Services and the Ceredigion Library Services.

The following Booklist will provide Carers with the current titles, author and reference details of books held within Ceredigion. Please contact your local library in the usual way to seek out a title. We hope you find something of great use to you.

Ceredigion Carers' booklist

We recognised that there is an untapped resource of information that can directly support Carers in our community, yet because the books are scattered amongst many subject areas in our libraries, many Carers may never come across them just browsing the shelves or have any way of knowing what to ask for or what is actually available.

We have also compiled a further list of "Suggested Titles for Carers" that has been collected together from discussions with local Carers and professionals. Whilst these may not be held in the Ceredigion Service, they may be available through the Wales Library Service, in which case they can be requested for use in Ceredigion. Please enquire at your local Library.

Some of the titles may become available to add to our Ceredigion Service over time, so if particular titles are popular, efforts will be made to expand the Ceredigion Carers Booklist. For other titles, Carers may wish to seek these through high street and online bookshops.

To obtain a free copy of the Carers Booklist please contact the Ceredigion Carers Development Office on or 01970 633564 or alternatively contact the Ceredigion Library Service on 01970 633703 or

Mobile Libraries, Housebound and Carers' Services

The Library Service operates 6 Mobile Libraries. 2 visit the villages and 4 the farms and remoter areas. The village mobiles visit once every 4 weeks and the mini mobiles once a month (except during August).

If you do not live in a village, you can ask for the Mobile Library to call at your home - contact Aberystwyth Library (Tel: 01970 633703) for details.

If you are housebound you can apply to have books and other resources brought to your home. If you are a registered carer you can apply to have books delivered to your home. Contact the library service headquarters on 01970 633703, or at Ceredigion Library, Aberystwyth, Town Hall, Queen's Square, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 2EB for more information.

The Carers Service with the Red Cross facilitates a number of training courses for carers which are designed to make your caring role easier, some of which are commissioned and funded by Ceredigion County Council. Courses range from Dementia Support to Manual Handling and Handling Stress. Click on the links below for more details.

First Aid

This course is delivered by a British Red Cross First Aid trainer.

First Aid training course for Carers

Manual Handling

This course has been made possible through a partnership agreement between Ceredigion County Council and Carers Support Services with British Red Cross.

The Manual Handling Course is delivered by a Manual Handling trainer and Back Care advisor from Ceredigion County Council.

Manual Handling Course for Carers

​'Who Cares' DVD

The Caring DVD may be a valuable assistance to people new to caring, it contains a series of useful suggestions for carers on a range of topics that may help with some of the practical issues associated with caring for someone at home. It is particularly targeted at those in the early stages of caring.

Ceredigion County Council through the Social Services Department believes that providing carers with access to some simple information in one clear DVD provides an early intervention to carers to encourage them to remember to take care of their own health and well being as well as the person for whom they care.

The DVD may offer support and information in a non intrusive way if a carer prefers. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of 'Who Cares' please contact the Carers Development Office by emailing or ring 01970 633564.

Ceredigion Carers Forum

The Ceredigion Carers Forum is a meeting group for carers in Ceredigion. Broadly speaking, it aims to provide opportunity for carers to come together for information and support for one another. The Carers Forum is run for Carers and driven by Carers.

The Ceredigion Carers Forum meets every other month in Penmorfa, Aberaeron. For those who are not able to reach Aberaeron, Video Conferencing facilities at Canolfan Rheidol, Aberystwyth have been made available so that Carers can still participate in the forum from Aberystwyth.

In recognition that Carers have a multitude of commitments to balance, the Carers Forum is open to Carers who can attend the physical meeting in Aberaeron and the linked meeting in Aberystwyth as well as those that can’t be at the meetings. Carers are welcome to contribute via telephone, email or written correspondence if they wish to and in between meetings all Carers Forum members are sent a newsletter giving regular updates on Carer related issues and consultations.

What has the Carers Forum been up to?

The Carers forum has been meeting every other month since January 2016. Guest speakers and topics that the forum has already hosted include:

  • Managing Your Money with speakers from Welsh Government’s warm homes NEST scheme
  • Citizen’s Advice Bureau’s Energy best Deals scheme
  • Hywel Dda University Health Board Choose Well scheme
  • Direct Payments – demystifying the whole process with presentations Social Services & Diverse Cymru
  • Ceredigion’s Community Health Council

Future dates for the Carers Forum meetings are:

  • 24th November 2017 - Carers Rights Day

The Ceredigion Carers Forum is free and open to any person in Ceredigion who is an unpaid Carer i.e. anyone who is caring for or looking after a family member, friend or neighbour who is ill, frail, disabled, or living with mental health issues or substance misuse or alcohol issues. Please feel free to pass these details onto any other Carers that you think would be interested in participating.

If you would like to become a member of the Ceredigion Carers Forum or even if you would just like to find out more please contact Catherine Moyle, Carers Unit Support Officer on 01970 633564 or email or write to Carers Unit, Adult Social Services, Ceredigion County Council, Canolfan Rheidol, Rhodfa Padarn, Llanbadarn Fawr, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 3UE.

​Carers Rights Day

What is Carers Rights Day?

Carers Rights Day takes place every year in November. The aim of Carers Rights Day is to make sure Carers know their rights, increase their take up of benefits, signpost Carers to financial and practical support, and raise awareness of their needs.

In Ceredigion, an event designed to give Carers advice and support took place on 16th November 2016 in Aberaeron in advance of the National Carers Rights Day, which took place on 25th November 2016.

The event at the Feathers Hotel, ‘Carers Rights Day: a free event to help make your caring role easier’, was organised by Ceredigion County Council Carers Unit, partners from the Ceredigion Carers Alliance and community organisations. Around 20 organisations offered a wide range of financial and practical advice, information and support and demonstrations including equipment to support independent living. Carers had the opportunity to speak to someone one-to-one, to attend talks and to also socialise with others over lunch.

The day was a success with many people gaining access to information regarding the support available in the area.