Governing bodies have an essential role to play in improving performance and a duty to promote the highest standards of educational achievement for all learners. Governors need to be knowledgeable to carry out their roles and responsibilities and effectively contribute to the school improvement agenda.

The Education (Wales) Measure 2011 introduced mandatory training for governors which will have the most impact on ensuring the raising of standards in governance and which will also contribute to improvement. The mandatory training will focus on:

  • Induction for new Governors
  • Chairs of Governing Bodies
  • The use and understanding of School Performance Data
  • Clerks Training

The induction for newly appointed or elected governors focuses on the roles and the parameters of their responsibilities and provides them with a broad outline of the legal context within which governors conduct their business. Understanding this framework will give new governors the encouragement and confidence to be able to take a full and active part in governing body decision making. You will also be appointed a mentor to guide you through the initial stages of being a Governor.

The training for Chairs of governors focuses on leadership and maintaining effective relationships with key partners i.e. headteachers, clerks to governing bodies and the local authority as well as providing Chairs of governors with the necessary skills to run an efficient and effective governing body and to work with and provide challenge to headteachers to raise standards.

The school performance data training will develop governors’ understanding of the data which is now routinely provided by and for schools and how to use the data to improve school performance. Being able to analyse school performance data and drill down to the core information will enable governors to make comparisons and bench mark how their school is performing compared to other schools in similar circumstances.

Learning about school data and understanding what it means for the school and what needs to be done to raise standards should give governors the confidence to ask challenging questions of the headteacher and school leadership team in order to improve performance and pupil attainment.

Failure to attend the mandatory training within the given time frame will result in suspension or possibly disqualification.

You can also access training in Powys, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire for your convenience.

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