The site of the former Ysgol Dyffryn Teifi in Llandysul will be placed for sale on the open market in three separate parcels of land.

The development follows a Cabinet decision made on 27 March 2018. In splitting the site into three parcels, the Cabinet hopes to capitalise on known interest from other organisations and the private sector.

The site had previously been placed on the open market and despite some interest by a local group - Plant y Dyffryn - the property was not sold. Plant y Dyffryn had been given time to develop a business plan and raise funding to purchase the site however the funding bid was unsuccessful. The Council’s Development Group heard in November 2017 that Plant y Dyffryn were still interested in the site but did not have any funds to pay for it. The Group also heard that there had been commercial interest shown in parts, but not all, of the site.

Councillor Gareth Lloyd, Cabinet Member responsible for Economic and Community Development said, “Ysgol Dyffryn Teifi was at the centre of the community in Llandysul and the surrounding area for a long time. In deciding to split the site into three parcels, I hope that they can be sold and can return to being a central point for the local community and support local business.”

The Cabinet also decided that should parcels fail to sell after marketing for a reasonable length of time, the Council should consider the demolition or removal of some of the buildings on the site to mitigate costs but also to consider investing in repurposing the site with local stakeholders.

The entire site will also be placed for sale on the open market; consideration will be given to buyers wanting to purchase the entire site or further sub division of the parcels upon successful negotiation.