Ceredigion County Council will be starting Dementia Action Week, which takes place between 21 and 27 May, by holding a Dementia Friends public information session on Monday, 21 May at 2pm at the Powerhouse, Llandysul.

There are currently 42,000 people in Wales living with dementia, with one person developing dementia every three minutes. Unfortunately, one third of those living with dementia no longer feel a part of their community. To help combat this, Dementia Friends information sessions are being held to provide the opportunity for residents of Ceredigion to enhance their understanding of dementia, and help turn their understanding into action.

Dementia Friends Champion and Cabinet Member for Social Services and Housing, Councillor Catherine Hughes, said, “By being a Dementia Friends Champion, I have learnt a lot about how we can help others in our community who may be living with dementia. I encourage residents to take this opportunity to attend a Dementia Friends information session. This is our chance to take positive action, no matter how big or how small our actions are. All actions add up to help improve the lives of people affected by dementia and assist in make sure that they feel part of our community.”

The session focus on five key messages: dementia is not a natural part of ageing; dementia is caused by diseases of the brain; it’s not just about losing your memory; people can still live well with dementia; and there is more to the person than the dementia.

If you would like to attend the Dementia Friends Information session, contact Diane Williams on ceredigion50@ceredigion.gov.uk, 01545 574137 or book your place online at: https://www.dementiafriends.org.uk/WEBSession#.Wt3DqU2WyUl

If you are interested in receiving a Dementia Friend session in your area, you can contact: dementiafriends@alzheimers.org.uk