As the number of positive coronavirus cases in the Cardigan area continues to increase, now is the time for us all to work together to stop the spread of the virus. Extra support measures have now been put in place in Cardigan.

Over recent days, it has become apparent that there are a large number of positive cases in and around Cardigan with evidence of significant community transmission. As of 12pm 25 November 2020, we have 55 confirmed positive cases in the Cardigan area

Ceredigion’s Contact Tracing Team has contacted those who has tested positive in the area and has gathered information linking back to ‘super spreader’ events such as parties and large social gatherings in public houses in Cardigan over the last fortnight.

The number and spread of positive cases and their contacts is significant and exceeds 300 to date and this alarming rate of spread has had an impact on a wide range of services including primary and secondary schools, public houses, cafes and shops. The Ceredigion Incident Management Team made the decision to close all schools in the area, the library and Flying Start Nurseries in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus.

We are asking all residents who attended The Red Lion and The Bell Inn public houses on or after 09 November 2020 to be extra vigilant and to self-isolate and book a test immediately if you have any symptoms.

Businesses who have been found not complying with coronavirus regulations have been served with closure or improvement notices and further inspections will continue over the coming days.

Symptoms of coronavirus include a high temperature, a new continuous cough and a loss or change to sense of smell or taste. However, our contact tracing teams have heard from several positive cases that they had little or no symptoms early on. Many of them report the first signs being headaches, tiredness and general aches and pains usually associated with flu. So we are urging people who feel unwell to be extra cautious, especially to practice hand hygiene and distancing, and if in doubt, book a test.

Anyone with symptoms, no matter how small, must follow self-isolation guidance and arrange a test immediately, only leaving home to get tested. No one should go to work or leave the house if they have any symptoms - consider and protect as much as you possibly can everyone in your household bubble.

Additional testing facilities are now available in Cardigan at the Fairfield Car Park. You can apply for a test on or by phoning 119.

The Fairfield car park will be closed to the general public until further notice. In addition, the Safe Zone will be reinstated temporarily in Cardigan.

We need to work together to be able to stop the spread of this virus within our communities. The actions you take now will protect the ones around you. Please follow the guidelines:

  • Keep a 2m social distance from each other when out and about – indoors and outdoors;
  • Wash your hands regularly;
  • Work from home wherever possible;
  • Limit your social contact. This means not mixing households, not having house parties, children not meeting their friends for sleepovers or play dates or congregating in the town;
  • Households are able to form a ‘bubble’ with one other - that bubble arrangement cannot be swapped, changed, or extended further than one household;
  • People are allowed to meet with others from outside that bubble in a regulated venue, such as a pub or restaurant where there are strict safety protocols in place, but the maximum number of people that can meet is four and even then social distancing should be maintained wherever possible;
  • Wear a face mask in indoor public places, shops and on public transport.

Your actions now will determine what kind of Christmas we will be able to have and to keep each other safe.

Together, we can keep Ceredigion safe.