Ceredigion County Council and Dyfed-Powys Police are asking farmers, local landowners and community councils to be on alert over the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend for warning signs of any illegal events such as raves planned for their land.

While there is no specific evidence of an event being planned for the county, social networking has made it easier for organisers to spread the word in relation to events and rave attendance numbers can grow quickly.

Farmers, landowners and local communities are encouraged to report any suspicious activity immediately to the police, especially if there are unusual numbers of vehicles - especially camper vans, vans or trucks- seen in the locality.

Illegal trespassers may recce sites in advance of any rave, or people may approach landowners and ask around for land availability, in the guise of hiring it for acceptable activities such as gymkhanas or scout camps.

Raves can cause anxiety to the community they are held in and if not dealt with swiftly, are difficult to stop due to the sheer numbers of people involved. There is also a safety concern involved in breaking-up such events.

Anyone with concerns should call Heddlu Dyfed Powys Police by dialling 101.