In light of the recent rise in the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Ceredigion, Ceredigion County Council has written to members of the Play Area Network to encourage them to consider their own facility, whether they are already open to the public or they are planning to reopen shortly.

First Minister Mark Drakeford MS announced that children’s playgrounds will be able to reopen gradually from 20 July, 2020 and over the following weeks as and when safety checks and mitigations are put in place.

There are 86 community play areas in Ceredigion, 85 are owned or Managed by Town and Community Councils or Community Groups. One is owned by Ceredigion County Council, which is Netpool in Cardigan. The play area in Netpool will remain closed for the time being.

On 7 September, 2020 the Council advised members of the Ceredigion Play Area Network that if they decide to reopen their facilities they must ensure they are as safe as possible. It is the decision of the owner/operator of these facilities whether or not to reopen.

In that time, some individuals or groups responsible for play areas, have shared their intentions of reopening their facility, others have stated that they wish to remain closed for the time being.

To safeguard our communities, we need to work together to curb the risk of further transmission, this includes at play parks. We therefore must ask those responsible to consider whether now is the right time to reopen your play area. It is vital that you are confident that these facilities are 'COVID-free zones’.

It is understandable that it is disappointing to some residents that not all play areas are fully operational. However, in order to reduce the risk of transmission and serious illness, residents are urged to be responsible at all times. To avoid the risk of a local lockdown, we must act now.

Together, we can keep Ceredigion safe.

All the latest information and advice regarding the coronavirus can be found on the Council’s website. The Council’s Corporate Contact Centre number is 01545 570881.