As we head into the festive period, the Council is asking residents to be mindful whilst celebrating Christmas this year.

The festive season is traditionally a time when people arrange and enjoy social gatherings with families, friends, neighbours and co-workers.

Due to the wider restrictions that were in place last year, many of us were prevented from having this opportunity and instead did so virtually.

This year, as we start to arrange Christmas get-togethers, we ask that you be mindful about your decisions on who you meet and where, as well as remembering the basics that we all know so well by now.   

Supporting our local businesses this festive period is important however it is also vital to remember that Covid-19 has not gone away.

You can help keep each other safe this Christmas by:

  • wearing a mask in crowded areas
  • washing your hands
  • getting vaccinated
  • considering going out in smaller groups
  • allowing plenty of fresh air in if you meet indoors
  • avoiding busy and overcrowded places
  • staying at home if you feel unwell

The Welsh Government has recently updated its advice regarding LFD testing. If you are over the age of 11 you are encouraged to take lateral flow tests twice a week (every 3 or 4 days) if you do not have COVID-19 symptoms. You are also encouraged to take a test if you are going to be in higher risk situations including spending time in crowded or enclosed spaces, before you visit people who are at a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 and if you are travelling to other areas of Wales or the UK.

More information can be found:

It’s important that we all do our bit to keep Ceredigion safe and open this Christmas. Following these measures will help keep each other, the community and our most vulnerable residents safe, as well as protecting our vital NHS.

Let’s help keep Ceredigion businesses safe whilst also giving the local economy a well needed boost.