As the Welsh Government further relaxes its coronavirus restrictions, it’s even more important that we all work together to reduce the risk of infection as shops and the tourism industry gradually reopen.

We can do this by following strict social distancing and hygiene measures, ensuring that shops and other businesses have appropriate arrangements in place and take pride and responsibility for keeping infection rates low.

After months of being closed, Monday 22 June 2020 saw a number of stores reopen around the county. Those shops that have opened have introduced measures to make them safer but it requires customers to adhere to these measures to make them work.

With more people expected to use the towns over the coming days and weeks, Ceredigion County Council will implement more measures to make them safer, particularly if people are allowed to travel further and visit for a holiday.

We will continue to work with our partners, including Welsh Government, to ensure that guidance is clear and provides the right balance between reopening the tourism and hospitality sectors and ensuring the right safety measures and controls are in place.

The Council is working with local communities and businesses in the tourism industry to prepare for a phased return of visitors when Welsh Government gives the go-ahead, with further announcements expected over the next few weeks.

In preparation, accommodation providers and visitor attractions are being supported to prepare for a phased reopening with extra measures being put in place to reassure businesses, communities, staff and visitors. Practical advice, support and resources, including signage and marketing materials are being made available.

We strongly believe that the tourism industry in Ceredigion will accept their social responsibility to protect our communities and visitors. Therefore we are asking all businesses that form part of the industry to take all steps to safeguard the safety of staff, visitors and local residents, using the guidelines published by industry groups and Visit Wales.

We also need visitors, whether shopping or coming for a break, to accept their social responsibility to act in a way that respects the measures in place, to reduce risks and to protect our communities. 

This tourism and hospitality sector is immensely important to our coastal and rural economy and its success is crucial to our communities. It is therefore critical that we get this right. Fighting the coronavirus in Ceredigion continues to be a team effort and if we all play our part, we can welcome back our shoppers and visitors safely and confidently.