Schools in Ceredigion will start to make arrangements to reopen before the end of the summer term to ‘Check in and Catch Up’.

This comes following an announcement by the Welsh Government’s Education Minister, Kirsty Williams, to enable schools to reopen on 29 June 2020.

The schools will be open to all year groups, but with smaller numbers in each classroom and staggered break and finish times. Children will be offered sessions of face to face time with their teachers during this period.

To allow schools time to plan, the Childcare Hub provision will cease on Friday 19 June 2020.

The Council, through the schools, has sent a questionnaire to all parents/carers to complete, and this will be vital as we plan for re-opening schools. It will be up to parents/carers to choose whether to send their children back to school for this four week period. Schools will continue to support all pupils through distance learning activities.

Welsh Government has also announced that the summer term will be extended until 27 July 2020, with a two week break for pupils and staff during the autumn half term.

Ceredigion County Council supports this announcement and are putting plans in place to ensure the highest standards of safety are in place to all involved. With the support of Council Officers, all individual schools are now working on their respective school re-opening plans and risk assessments.

All schools in the county were closed on 20 March 2020. The Council is grateful to everyone who has been working tirelessly in the care centres ever since to provide childcare for the children of emergency and care service workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are a few frequently asked questions and responses for parents/carers which will help them decide whether to send their child to School from 29 June onward: FAQ.

Further information on the support available to children and young people during the coronavirus is available on the Council’s website (Children and Young People), and updates are regularly shared on the Council's social media pages.

More information on the Welsh Government’s announcement is available on their Welsh Government website