Following Welsh Government guidelines, Ceredigion is reopening carefully, slowly and safely.

Ceredigion County Council is implementing its Adjustment and Long Term Resilience Plan and prior to restarting any service, risk assessments are undertaken. A Roadmap of how and when reopening happens is updated weekly. The relaxation of lockdown will be considered very carefully and the re-opening of services will be placed on the Roadmap once they have been considered. The Roadmap and plan are available to read on the website.

We are moving towards a new normal. This is being done slowly to ensure the number of Coronavirus cases remain low and for everyone’s safety.

The Council is therefore taking a very cautious approach to the reopening of the county whilst keeping within Welsh Government guidelines. We are also working with our partners to support them as they re-open.

Libraries, Household Waste Sites, shops and schools have all reopened in a structured and carefully managed way.

The threat of Coronavirus is still with us. Follow the guidelines and try and stay as local as possible to stay safe and to support local businesses.

For more information, visit the Coronavirus page here.