Fee-charging paddle gates are to be installed at public toilets in Lampeter and New Quay following a Cabinet decision made on 13 February 2018.

The paddle gates will be installed at the public toilets in Market Street, Lampeter and at St John’s Street, New Quay. The decision was made following the successful installation of paddle gates at the Park Avenue public toilets in Aberystwyth, which has provided effective income generation to cover the running costs of the facility.

Cabinet Member responsible for Technical Services, Councillor Ray Quant MBE said, “This decision is absolutely necessary to make sure that public conveniences are available in our towns for residents and visitors alike. In a time where Council budgets have been cut by £34m in the last five years and will need to save another £5m next year, the Council must look at different and sustainable ways of funding to maintain good quality public conveniences.”

A fee of 20p will be charged to access the public toilets. All of the income generated will be used to pay for the installation of the paddle gates and the future maintenance of public toilets in the county.