With cases in Ceredigion on the rise, let’s think about what we’re doing to ensure that the numbers of the coronavirus don’t rise further. It’s not the virus that’s moving, it’s people that move the virus.

Ceredigion has reopened slowly and carefully following the firebreak lockdown. We need to make sure that we respect the new rules, limit our contact with others, and before travelling to anywhere, ask if the journey is essential? If it is not, stay at home.

The next few months are likely to be the most challenging for us in Ceredigion in our fight against coronavirus. Let us all stay local and support local. Remain vigilant and remember the key messages:

  • Keep a 2m social distance from each other when out and about;
  • Wash your hands regularly;
  • Limit your social contact;
  • Work from home wherever possible;
  • Wear a face mask in indoor public places, shops and on public transport.

Anyone who develops any COVID-19 symptoms must follow self-isolation guidance and arrange a test immediately, only leaving home to get tested. A test need to be booked online or by phoning 119.

Stay apart to play your part. By doing this, we will be protecting the health and wellbeing of our most vulnerable, including care services for the elderly and those whose medical conditions make them particularly at risk from COVID-19. We will be protecting the education provision within schools, colleges and universities. We will enable the local economy to survive the winter months.

Together, we can keep Ceredigion safe.