In a Full Council meeting on Thursday 22 February 2018, members determined the Council Tax rate for 2018-2019. The overall increase in the Council Tax rate will be 5.02%. The County Council’s element of the tax will increase by 4.95%.

The Council Tax rate increase is set by three key components, the County Council’s tax, the precept of Town and Community Councils and the Police precept. It was decided that the County Council’s element of the tax will increase by 4.95%. Increases set by the Police and Town and Community Councils result in a combined increase of 5.02%.

Councillor Dafydd Edwards, the Cabinet Member responsible for Financial Services said, “The decision to raise the County Council’s element of Council Tax by 4.95% wasn’t taken lightly. It was taken to reduce the impact on quality core services that are vitally important in supporting many residents in Ceredigion. Services have already endured cuts over recent years, and without increases to Council Tax, they would have needed to be cut further.”

In 2017-2018, the average Council Tax Band D property was £1,168.63. The increase means the equivalent property will pay £1,226.48 in 2018-2019. The Council’s budget has been cut by £34m in the last 5 years. The Council will need to save an additional £5m in the coming financial year.

The increase to Council Tax is made in the context of increasing cost pressures and an insufficient national settlement to meet these pressures, placing a greater burden on the Council.