A public house in Lampeter has been required to make improvements to safeguard the public’s health and well-being as part of the coronavirus regulations.

A Premises Improvement Notice has been served to The Ivy Bush Inn, Lampeter by Ceredigion County Council’s Public Protection Officers due to non-compliance with the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No. 4) (Wales) Regulations 2020.

As part of the Premises Improvement Notice, the public house must ensure that a distance of 2 metres is maintained between any persons on the premises, whilst observing the restrictions on gatherings of persons who are not of the same household meeting no more than 4 people. They must also take measures to ensure that there is a person controlling entry to the premises and allocate a limited time period during which customers may stay in the premises. They must introduce measures to ensure that customers are seated anywhere other than at the bar when ordering, consuming or being served; and also collect detailed contact information from each customer.

These measures will need to be implemented by 14:00 on 20 November 2020, and the full notice can be seen on the Council’s website under Improvement and Closure Notices.

Information for businesses is available on the Council’s website under Supporting Ceredigion’s economy.

Any business who is unsure of their responsibilities is urged to check the Welsh Government website

Any business that requires further information or guidance can contact the council’s Licensing Team at 01545 570881 or clic@ceredigion.gov.uk.