The Council’s programme of road refurbishment and resurfacing will be accelerated after receiving almost £1.2m of grant money from the Welsh Government. On 17 April 2018, the Cabinet agreed that the grant funding will be used for the refurbishment of the roads in Ceredigion in accordance with conditions of the grant.

The Council has an existing prioritised programme of road refurbishment and resurfacing works identified, which extends beyond 2021/22. The grant payment of £1,191,165 will allow the Council to make more improvements sooner than initially expected.

Councillor Ray Quant MBE, the Cabinet member responsible for Technical Services said, “The Council is responsible for the maintenance of over 2,265km of roads in Ceredigion. We’ve been reducing the proportion of road considered to be in poor condition over the last few years, but this grant money allows us to look again at the programme and bring some improvements forward.”

The grant payment has been awarded to the Council on the condition that the grant is used for additional expenditure on refurbishment of local roads and that a high level report will be provided to the Welsh Government describing how the grant has been spent on the refurbishment. A summary report on the Council’s Highways Asset Management Plan will also need to be provided by 30 June 2019 and annually thereafter.

At present, 11.7% of roads in Ceredigion are considered to be in poor condition; this figure has improved annually from a figure of 15.6% in 2013/14.