On 12 March, Commonwealth Day 2018, the Commonwealth flag was flown at the Council offices at Penmorfa, Aberaeron to celebrate the family of nations that encompasses the globe.

As a public expression of commitment to the Commonwealth, a reading of the Commonwealth Affirmation was read by Ceredigion County Council’s Chairman, Councillor Lynford Thomas, followed by raising the flag.

Councillor Lynford Thomas said, “Commonwealth Day is a day of unity. Through flying the flag, Ceredigion County Council is showing its support and unity with other countries within the Commonwealth across the world.”

The Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth initiative enables participants to show appreciation for the values the Commonwealth upholds, and the opportunities offered for friendship and cooperation with fellow Commonwealth citizens, young and old, around the world.

The Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations, The Right Honourable Patricia Scotland QC, said: “Fly a Flag is a wonderful opportunity for local communities to come together to celebrate the remarkable diversity and inclusiveness of the Commonwealth, and the many ways in which the lives and livelihoods of its 2.4 billion citizens are enriched through Commonwealth connection and cooperation. By working together locally and globally we learn from one another, and make progress for the good of all.”

This year’s theme, ‘Towards a Common Future’, explores how the Commonwealth can address global challenges and work to create a better future for all citizens through sub-themes of sustainability, safety, prosperity and fairness.