In a meeting of the Full Council on 12 April, Ceredigion County Councillors agreed on a response to be submitted to the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales’ review of electoral arrangements. This response details the Council’s view of the Commission’s proposals to change ward boundaries in Ceredigion.

A politically balanced Task and Finish Group of Councillors was established to consider the Commission’s draft proposals. The Group drafted a response to the proposals which was presented to the Full Council to consider. The recommended draft response was changed in the meeting following detailed discussion on ward boundaries across the county.

Ceredigion County Council Leader, Councillor Ellen ap Gwynn said, “In a process that would see long established wards that were often formed on community lines being changed or replaced, it’s no surprise that Councillors discussed the proposals at length to ensure that Ceredigion residents continue to be represented as effectively as possible. The Commission will now make their final recommendations for the Cabinet Secretary’s decision.”

The Commission’s proposals aim to design ward boundaries to produce a ratio of one Councillor for every 1,384 electors in Ceredigion. Current ward boundaries result in an average ratio of one county Councillor for every 1,252 electors. The Commission’s proposals would see the number of Ceredigion County Councillors reduce from 42 to 38. The Council’s response to the Commission agrees with a number of proposals, but disagree with others and offers counter-proposals in their place.