A series of posters to promote a clutter free Ceredigion by Ceredigion County Council were launched at a Ceredigion Disability Forum meeting on 13 December.

Unnecessary street clutter can cause obstructions which make access difficult as well as making town and villages look untidy. This clutter can include signage such as ‘A’ boards, inconsiderate and illegal parking and waste presented in the wrong way and on the wrong day.

The new posters feature pictures and quotes from some citizens of Ceredigion who’ve been affected by street clutter, which includes those with issues affecting their sight or physical mobility through to those pushing prams and pushchairs. The posters have been developed to maintain and develop the profile of the Clutter Free Ceredigion initiative which was initially launched in September 2016.

Councillor Ray Quant MBE, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Technical Services, said “The County Council wants to see Ceredigion’s towns and villages remain accessible, vibrant and attractive to all and promoting a clutter free county will assist in achieving this. By working in partnership with key local stakeholders and raising awareness of the negative impacts unnecessary street clutter can have we hope to have a further positive influence on the matter.”

The new posters will be published on a weekly basis throughout January on Ceredigion County Council’s social media platforms. Electronic copies of the posters are available on the Caru Ceredigion page, which can be downloaded and printed to be shared more widely to help spread the message; www.ceredigion.gov.uk/caruceredigion.

Mr Paul Clasby, Chair of Ceredigion Disabled People Together said, “We at Disabled People Together welcome Ceredigion County Council’s continuing work to address unauthorised street obstacles and for highlighting the difficulties these items cause for disabled people, older people and parents with young children. We also recognise that Ceredigion County Council is the only local authority in Wales who have implemented a pro-active approach to improving street access for all. It is with great pride that we share the work undertaken in Ceredigion with RNIB Cymru as good practice for the other 21 local authorities in Wales.”

Mr Clasby added, “As a Guide Dog owner I know only too well of the problems arising from unauthorised street obstacles, illegal parking and dog fouling. These issues are of greater concern for wheelchair and mobility aid users. Support the Clutter Free Ceredigion campaign and help us make the county a safer, cleaner place for our residents and visitors.”

This project is one of many in which the members of the Ceredigion Disability Forum have worked in partnership with the County Council. If you are a disabled person the Ceredigion Disability Forum provides you with the opportunity to highlight your concerns and to seek resolutions. For more details about the forum, contact CAVO on 01570 423232.

Clutter Free Ceredigion forms part of the wider Caru Ceredigion initiative. Caru Ceredigion is all about raising awareness of issues that are important to our local communities and looking at ways of positively engaging these to achieve positive outcomes which are beneficial to all who live, work and play in Ceredigion.

To find out more about Caru Ceredigion, email caru@ceredigion.gov.uk.