As the coronavirus restrictions are being eased, Ceredigion is welcoming visitors safely and gradually.

It is recognised that there are concerns within the community. People will be moving around and coming and going.

Measures are in place with Ceredigion County Council to ensure everyone’s safety within the county. This includes introducing Safe Zones within our town centres, contact tracing and guidance for our tourism sector, which includes guidance for visitors while they are in Ceredigion.

Welsh Government’s Stay Local rule was kept in place to help every part of Wales manage the spread of the virus and properly prepare to welcome back visitors safely. The Council is working with the tourism industry to ensure that visitors respect and follow local guidance and in turn that our local communities welcome visitors back to the County.

Together, we’ve made some great progress. But we’re still not back to normal and there are still risks. It’s important that we:

  • Caring and respecting each other
  • Caring for and respecting our communities
  • Supporting local businesses
  • Caring for our local environment
  • Respecting Welsh Government rules and advice

The decisions we all make will have a direct impact on other people, so we all need to care for each other, act respectfully and responsibly to keep Ceredigion safe.

Coronavirus hasn’t gone away. We must continue to respect Welsh Government rules and advice. Keep Ceredigion safe.

For the latest in Ceredigion, go to the Coronavirus page.