New temporary measures relating to housing have been introduced by the Governments of the UK and Wales. A summary of these is listed below.

  • Landlords must now give a 6 month notice of eviction in most cases
  • Courts will renew hearing possession order cases from 20th September
  • Holiday parks are back open
  • Landlord duties for repairs, safety certificates etc. have not changed. The housing service would take a pragmatic and evidence based approach to enforcement however in light of the circumstances
  • Harassment and illegal eviction laws have not changed
  • Tenants must continue to pay rent. You may be eligible for the Tenancy Saver Loan, or you can discuss any difficulties with Citizens Advice Cymru under their Early Alert Scheme.
  • Moving house is allowed unless local lockdown is in force

Following Government advice on working patterns the Housing Service has made some adjustments to our way of working as we have been asked to minimise contact.

  • We are still contactable via and on the usual numbers through the contact centre, though you may need to wait for us to call you back instead of being put straight through
  • Our offices are not open
  • Our routine/ programmed visits such as those we make for Houses in Multiple Occupancy have been suspended
  • We will try to make the best arrangements for any urgent or emergency works in relation to adaptations/ hospital discharge
  • If you have been given a notice of possession/ eviction, contact the Housing Options team to chat through your options
  • Housing options/ homeless presentations will be dealt with via telephone interview as the offices are closed to the public
  • Complaints about property conditions will be triaged and prioritised for visits when it is safe to do so. You are asked to submit photos or video evidence in the meantime.
  • Enforcement action will be proportionate to the risk associated with the problems, and we will be mindful of current practicalities around instructing contractors and access to homes
  • In the event of urgent requests a risk assessment will be undertaken prior to undertaking any visit or inspection. We will observe good hygiene and distancing measures. An urgent request may be where there is a risk of immediate injury or prevention of illegal eviction.

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