The Local Authority has an on-going duty to identify properties within the County that are HMOs so that these may be licenced. Although the authority is proactive in seeking out information on potentially un-licenced HMOs, we accept that we do not have the means to ensure a complete picture regarding HMOs in Ceredigion without your help.

It is therefore very helpful where either, for example, tenants, neighbours or law abiding landlords are able to inform Ceredigion County Council if they suspect that a property is being operated as an unlicensed HMO. You may establish whether a property is already licenced by referring to our Register Of Licences HMO's page. Information supplied to the Local Authority will be treated confidentially.

You may have concerns over the management of an already licenced HMO. The Local Authority will investigate the concerns and may be able to take action to address the issues, if appropriate. Please use the link to contact us.