The aim of the scheme is to install energy efficiency measures in properties that are currently energy inefficient which in turn reduce households’ fuel bills.

This is an opportunity if your home qualifies for potential improvements such as a new central heating system, upgrades to the existing heating system and/or insulation measures. Ceredigion County Council will be qualifying households based on the information supplied on the application form and will be issuing declarations for those who could benefit from improvements. The scheme has been advertised and a list of the companies who can deliver the scheme and install the energy efficiency measures in Ceredigion for qualifying households will be provided with the declaration and you can select the organisation you wish to deliver the scheme.

Funding is available to owner occupiers and private rented tenants. To be eligible for inclusion of flexible eligibility in Ceredigion

  1. your home must be energy inefficient; and/or
  2. householder is;
    1. spending greater than 10% of their income on fuel bills; or
    2. on a low income and vulnerable to the effects of living in a cold property

This is determined by the criteria on the Application Form and will require a signed declaration by the applicant. The Local Authority will issue a signed Declaration to the eligible applicants, who can take this to an organisation of their choice.

The final decision on whether a household receives a measure under flexible eligibility or other ECO funding streams will be made by the organisation who you contact. Qualification and the Declaration by Ceredigion County Council does not guarantee installation of any measures, as the final decision will be made by the supplier.

Please see the attached letter and complete the attached Application Form and return with supporting evidence (where applicable) to the address on the top of the form. Alternatively you can hand deliver to any Ceredigion County Office. Your application will be considered and if it is determined that you and/or your property are eligible a Declaration will be issued to you. This Declaration can be used to obtain energy efficiency measures, e.g. heating systems and insulation from the various companies.