​Because accidents happen behind closed doors in isolated incidents they rarely attract public and media attention.

However with almost 4,000 people dying in accidents in the home and 2.7 million people turning up in accident and emergency departments seeking treatment it certainly isn't something which should be ignored.

Here are some more home safety facts and figures:

Home Safety Facts and Figures

  • More accidents happen at home than anywhere else
  • Every year there are approximately 4000 deaths as the result of a home accident. Around 120 of these are below 15 years and 1300 over 75
  • During 2002 there were 2.7 million home accidents requiring hospital treatment, of which 477,500 involved children under five
  • Children under the age of 5 and people over 65 (particularly those over 75) are most likely to have an accident at home
  • Falls are the most common accidents, which can cause serious injury at any time of life. 55% of accidental injuries in the home involve falls
  • More women than men over the age of 65 die as the result of an accident in the home
  • Approximately 1500 people aged over 75 die annually as the result of a fall
  • Every year around 120 children under 14 die as the result of an accident in the home
  • Around 25,000 under 5s attend Accident and Emergency Departments each year after being accidentally poisoned
  • 26,000 under 5s are burnt or scalded in the home every year. A hot drink can still scald a small child up to 15 minutes after it is made
  • More accidents happen in the lounge/living room than anywhere else in the home
  • Every year over 4,200 children are involved in falls on the stairs and 4,000 children under the age of 15 are injured falling from windows
  • Boys have more accidents than girls
  • The cost to society of UK home accident injuries has been estimated at £25,000 million annually

Even if you buy a ticket every week in a year you are twenty times more likely to suffer a fatal home accident than you are to win the National Lottery!!

For detailed guidance on home safety and how you can help to reduce these statistics and not become part of them click on the following link: www.rospa.com