Ceredigion Crucial Crew's aim is to raise awareness of personal safety amongst the area's children and young people.

Image of a police carCrucial Crew is a multi-agency project, co-ordinated by Dyfed-Powys Police.

The scheme is aimed at 11 year olds as they start Comprehensive School each September. The rational behind targeting them at this stage is that they now have greater independence but are also exposed for the first time to the potential dangers they will face in everyday life.

Ceredigion Crucial Crew's aim is to raise awareness in a full and interactive effective way.

Children and young people learn by experience to:

  • Become more aware of personal safety
  • Learn how to react to dangerous situations
  • Learn social responsibility and foster good citizenship
  • Develop an awareness and understanding of the role of the emergency services
  • Avoid becoming victims of crime
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle (importance of smoking and alcohol issues)

The Crucial Crew sets are presented by members of staff from participating agencies, pupils are given the opportunity to recognise and cope with realistic situations, whilst remaining in the safety of a controlled environment. The realism of the activities they encounter is an extremely effective aid to their learning.

Information and resources are given to the teachers to be used in follow up PSE lessons. Every pupil receives a "Goodie Bag" of items relating to the participating agencies.

Without the support from all the agencies it would be impossible to run such a successful initiative.