Information for Children and Young People

Play areas

There are 86 community play areas in Ceredigion, 85 are owned or managed by Town and Community Councils or Community Groups. One is owned by Ceredigion County Council, which is Netpool in Cardigan. The play area in Netpool will remain closed for the time being.

Children's playgrounds able to reopen.


Schools to fully reopen in September

Ceredigion pupils will return to school gradually from September onwards. The autumn term begins on 3 September 2020, with pupils gradually returning until everyone is back on a full-time basis by 14 September 2020.

More information: Ceredigion ready to welcome pupils back safely

Face coverings

Pupils (Primary and Secondary) will be expected to wear a face covering on school transport. Following the Welsh Government's announcement on 26 August 2020, we ask parents/guardians to ensure their child has a face covering in their school bag in case they will be asked to use it (secondary schools only). Individual school risk assessments will ask pupils to wear the cover if there are occasions when pupils are beyond their contact groups and when social distancing is not possible. It should be ensured that pupils have a 3-tier face cover. 

To read further FAQs, go to: Reopening Schools Safely

Free School Meals

Free school meals are available to eligible pupils who attend schools, on a full-time basis, which are under the jurisdiction of Ceredigion Education Authority. To find out more and apply for the scheme, visit this page: Free School Meals.

Decision framework for the next phase of education and childcare

The Education Minister published a working document on the decision framework for the next phase for education and childcare. Find out more on the following links:

Welsh Government - The decision framework for the next phase of education and childcare