The supply of sandbags is a voluntary service and Ceredigion County Council cannot guarantee to deliver sandbags at all sites that might need them.

The primary responsibility for protecting property from flooding rests with the property owner.


In the event of severe weather and where there is a genuine risk of flooding Ceredigion County Council may provide filled sandbags to properties upon request.

Each request made will be considered and prioritised in relation to the prevailing circumstances, irrespective of the flooding source.

The following priorities have been established:

  • Protection of life
  • Protection of the vulnerable, the elderly or infirm
  • Protection of key infrastructure
  • Protection of key facilities and buildings within the community
  • Protection of business and commercial properties

Ceredigion County Council will also where possible respond to requests from the Emergency Services for sandbags for the protection of strategic properties.


At times of high flood risk Ceredigion County Council will endeavour, on request, to deliver sandbags to occupied properties at imminent risk. However, this will not always be possible due to demand and/or weather conditions.

Delivery of sandbags will normally be to the nearest point of access to a property from the highway.

Members of the public will not be allowed to collect filled sandbags directly from any Ceredigion County Council depots.

When sandbags are provided, they become the responsibility of the person receiving them. Ceredigion County Council will not accept the liability for their placement; neither will Ceredigion County Council be responsible for collecting or disposing of issued sandbags.

Flooding Advice

Additional advice in connection with flooding and whether or not your property is at risk of flooding is available on the Natural Resources Wales website at:, where you can find information on:

  • How to protect your property against flooding
  • Reducing potential damage to your property as a result of flooding
  • Flood protection products and services
  • How to sign up for Floodline Warnings Direct