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The Planning Process

The information on these pages give an overview of the entire planning process. From here you can access pages that explain each step of the way.

The council do not redact comments submitted to remove personal data such as email addresses, telephone numbers and signatures. If you submit comments by letter or email then all of the information contained in your submission, including any personal data, will be able to be viewed. If you do not wish such data to be viewed, then do not include it in your submission or contact us directly to remove any such data. The council will not post comments submitted anonymously or those which it considers to contain libellous, discriminatory or otherwise offensive remarks. The council reserves the right not to post comments in the event that by reason of the volume of comments submitted, it is not possible to check submissions for unauthorised content. The council dissociates itself from any comments made of a libellous, discriminatory or otherwise offensive nature. Any correspondence received which the council considers contains libellous, discriminatory or otherwise offensive comments will not be taken into account in assessing planning or related applications.

How does the planning process work?

This page outlines what happens once we receive your application - the validation process.

Details of the Consultation Process & Publicity of Planning Applications are available from this page.

Approximately 80% of all planning applications received by the Council are granted permission, a significant number of which are approved following some form of negotiation.

The case officer handling the application will visit the site of the proposed development to make a careful assessment of the proposal and consider the impact it would have on the surrounding area and any neighbouring properties. Photographs of the site will often be taken from a number of angles for future reference.

If you are required to provide amended plans, we expect them to be provided within 14 days. Applicants submitting amended plans can include new information and/or additional plans to supplement the originals. Four copies of all material relating to the amendment will be required (unless otherwise stated).

After the consultation period has expired for an application, the case officer will complete a full evaluation of the application and agree the appropriate decision level for the application.

Applications may be determined after the conclusion of the 21 day statutory public notification period.

In certain circumstances, planning applications are referred to Committee for a decision.

We aim to notify the applicant (or their agent, where an agent is used) of all decisions made within 3 working days of our decision.

This page contains details of your options after a decision on your planning application has been made.