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Ceredigion Supplementary Housing Register

The Supplementary Housing Register has been set up to help local people and families who are looking for affordable housing but who do not want to rent from the Council or a Housing Association.

The service is primarily aimed at –

  • First Time Buyers
  • Key Workers
  • Carers of Close Relatives residing in the County
  • Social Housing Tenants who can afford to Buy a Home
  • Older People seeking Affordable Private Sheltered or Extra Care Accommodation

The Council will use the Supplementary Housing Register scheme to put forward the names of potential applicants to Private Developers and Housing Associations who are building new affordable homes for sale, shared ownership, and in a small number of cases, self-build building plots.

For further information, you should read the 'Supplementary Housing Register for Affordable Homes – Explanatory Notes.

In addition, you should read 'Affordable Homes Ceredigion', the Council's advice on buying an affordable home, with which this Registration Form is compliant.

There are rules which you must satisfy in order to be eligible for this scheme, including

  • The ability to be able to 'afford' the price of your new 'affordable' home
  • The local connection rule and
  • Be able to show that you own no other interest in residential property

It will be your responsibility to demonstrate to the Council that you meet these rules. In addition, the Council will require documentary evidence that you satisfy the first two rules and will need a Statutory Declaration from you supporting the third rule.

pdficon.gif icon Ceredigion Supplementary Housing Register Registration Form [58kb]wordicon.gif icon Ceredigion Supplementary Housing Register Registration Form [259kb]
pdficon.gif icon Explanatory Notes [39kb]wordicon.gif icon Explanatory Notes [83kb]