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1844 Pigot Directory - Beer retailers and Maltsters

Robert Pugh, Princess Street and Butchers Market.

1849 – Hunt and Co's Directory for Gloucester, Bristol and Welsh towns - Beer Retailers

Robert Pugh, Princess Street.

1851 Census - Malster – Princess Street - no detailed address

Robert Pugh, head, age 73, born in Merioneth, malster.
Mary A. Pugh, wife, age 58, born in Cardigan.
Jane Jones, stepdaughter, unmarried, age 34, born in Aberystwyth.
Ann Pugh, daughter, unmarried, age 27, born in Aberystwyth.
Richard Pugh, son, unmarried, age 27, born in Aberystwyth.
Mary Evans, granddaughter, age 14, born in Aberystwyth.
Jane Jenkins, granddaughter, age 13, born in Aberystwyth.

1853 - Slater's Directory - Robert Pugh

1859 – Slaters Directory – Albion Tavern, Mary Ann Pugh, Princess Street.

1864 - Aberystwyth Observer 18/6/1864

'ABUSIVE LANGUAGE.—Mary Davies charged Richard Pugh, Albion Tavern, with having on the 8th inst., called after her some bad and abusive names, and annoying her. Adjourned for a month

1868 – Slater's Directory 1868 – Albion, Jane Jones, Princess Street.

1871 Census - Licensed Victualler – Albion Tavern

Jane Jones, head, unmarried, age 54, born in Aberystwyth, licensed victualler.
Richard Pugh, brother, unmarried, age 46, born in Aberystwyth, gentleman.

1871 – Post Office Directory of Monmouthshire and South Wales 1871 – Albion Tavern, St James's Square, Mrs Jane Jones. (1871 Census states that she was unmarried)

1875 - According to Worrall's 1875 Dorectory, it was kept by Jane Jones.

1880 – Slater's Directory of North and South Wales 1880 – Albion, Jane Jones, St James's Square.

1881 Census – Publican – Albion Tavern

Jane Jones, head, unmarried, age 60, born in Aberystwyth, publican.

1891 Census – Licensed Victualler – Albion Tavern

David Williams, head, age 44, born in Aberystwyth, licensed victualler.
Jane Williams, wife, age 41, born in Aberystwyth.
Mary J. Williams, daughter, age 15, born in Aberystwyth.
Elizabeth Williams, daughter, age 12, born in Aberystwyth.
Henry J. Williams, son, age 10, born in Aberystwyth.
Henrietta Jenkins, aunt, age 36, born in Aberystwyth.
Mary Jenkins, aunt, age 38, born in Aberystwyth.
Elizabeth E. Jenkins, cousin, age 13, born in Caernarfon.

1895 – Slater's Directory of North and Mid Wales 1895 – Albion Tavern and marine store dealer, David Williams, St James's Square.

1895 – According to Kelly's Directory 1895 the landlord at the time was David Williams, 'Albion tavern and marine store dealer.'

1907 – South Wales and Monmouthshire Directory – Albion, St James's Square, Williams.

1911 Census - Albion Inn

Williams (3 other people living there)

1911 – Official List of Hotels.... – 'Albion Inn, St. James's Square, David Williams. 1 sitting room, 9 bedrooms. Comfortable apartments, good attendance, accommodation for cyclists.'

1912 – Wales Trades Directory 1912 – Albion, St James's Square, D. Williams, proprietor.

1920 – According to Kelly's Directory 1920 the landlord was David Williams.

1924 – Aberystwyth ; The Biarritz of Wales – 'Albion Inn, St. James Square. D. Williams. Rooms – Sit. – 2. Bed. – 3. Comfortable, good attendance, accom. For cyclists.'

1958-1959 – Wales Trades Directory – Albion Hotel, St James's Square.

1971 - Press cutting – Cambrian News 5/2/1971 – 'In his annual report to the town's magistrates, Chief Superintendent S. H. Willmett objected to the renewal of the licence of the Albion Hotel in St. James's Square because in his opinion public demand did not justify the existence of the premises. Mr Wood who has been the licensee for 16 years disagrees and now the Aberystwyth Licensed Victuallers' Association may join forces with Welsh Brewers Ltd., the owners to fight the closure threat.'