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Coopers Arms (Cwps)

1868 – Slater's Directory 1868 – Coopers' Arms, John Evans, Northgate. pdficon.gif icon Extract from W. Troughton, 'Aberystwyth Voices' [644kb]

1869 - Cambrian News 14/8/1869

A Bull Terrier Case. -Griffith Hughes, miner, Tredegar, was charged with stealing a dog of the bull and terrier breed, the property of Benjamin Jones, blacksmith, Bow-street, Aberystwyth, on the 15th of July. Prosecutor stated that on the 14th of July he was in the Cynfryn Arms, Aberystwyth. Prisoner was there, and had a dog with him. some conversation took place, and prosecutor bought the dog from prisoner, paying him 15s. for it. Prosecutor took the dog away with him, but missed it the next day. The dog was afterwards found in the possession of the prisoner at Tredegar. Thomas Hopton, sawyer, was present in the Cynfryn Arms when prosecutor bought the dog off Hughes Prosecutor paid 15s. for the dog and took it away with him —Maria Evans, keeper of the Coopers Arms, stated that both parties came into her house on the 14th of July. Prosecutor had a dog with him, the dog being attached to a string, which was tied to prosecutor's coat, button-hole. Both, parties had some drink, after the prisoner claimed the dog, stating that prosecutor had not finished paying for it. Prisoner then left the house and took the dog with him. Both parties were drunk. P.O. Thomas stated that he apprehended prisoner at Tredegar; prisoner then had the dog in his possession. Prisoner said he was very sorry for what he had done. Ha did not know how he happened to have the dog, for he was drunk when he left Aberystwyth. Prisoner also stated that he intended to return the dog to prosecutor. The Bench said they were of opinion that the dog was the property' of the prosecutor, he having paid prisoner for it. The case was very much confused, drunkenness having a great deal to do with it. Prisoner, when he left the Coopers' Arms, was drunk, but as he did not leave the town until the next day he must have known that he was doing wrong by taking the dog. away with him. Under these circumstances prisoner would be fmed 5s., and the coats. The Bench were sorry that one of the witnesses was guilty of a grave offence against the law, that of serving drunken men with more drink. Mrs Evans had admitted that the men were drunk when they came into her house and that she served them with three quarts of beer; this would, be taken into' consideration when the renewal of licences took place.

1871 Census – Publican and cooper – Northgate Street (later Cooper's Arms)

John Evans, head, age 47, born in Talybont, cooper.
Maria Evans, wife, age 46, born in Pembrey, publican.
Ellen Ann Evans, daughter, age 21, born in Aberystwyth, dressmaker.
Margaret Evans, age 19, born in Aberystwyth.
Maria Evans, daughter, age 16, born in Aberystwyth, scholar.
Elizabeth Evans, daughter, age 13, born in Aberystwyth.
William Powell, lodger, age 27, born in Brecs., painter.
Peter Mclaulin, lodger, age 18, born in Hull, militia.
John Williams, lodger, age 29, born in Carmarthen, cabinet maker.

1871 – Post Office Directory of Monmouthshire and South Wales 1871 – Coopers Arms, Northgate Street, John Evans.

1875 – According to Worrall's Directory 1875 the landlord at the time was John Evans.

1880 – Slater's Directory of North and South Wales 1880 – Coopers Arms, Mrs Jones, Northgate.

1891 Census – Publican – Coopers Arms

Anne Jones, head, widow, age 71, born in Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn, publican.
Richard J. Jones, son, age 29, born in Llanbadarn, accountant.
John E. Hughes, grandson, age 11, born in Aberystwyth.
Mary J. Mason, servant, age 32, born in Aberystwyth, general servant.

1895 – Slater's Directory of North and Mid Wales 1895 – Coopers Arms, Morgan Morgan, Northgate Street.

1895 – According to Kelly's Directory 1895 the landlord at the time was Morgan Morgan.

1900 – Bennett's Business Directory – Coopers Arms, Northgate Street, M. Morgan.

1901 – Trades Directory Wales – 'Cooper's Hotel, Northgate Street. Family hotel, billiards, wines and spirits of best quality, every accommodation for visitors. Morgan Morgan, proprietor.'

1903 – Trade Directory Wales – Coopers Hotel, Northgate Street.

1918 – Trade Directory Wales – Coopers Arms, 20 Northgate Street.

1920 – According to Kelly's Directory 1920 the landlady was Mrs Ellen Morgan.

1924 – Aberystwyth : Biarritz of Wales – 'Cooper's Hotel, H. Allen. Best Bass and Roberts' Ale, comfortable accom.'

1977 – Elfed Evans, the old landlord of the Skinnners in Great Darkgate Street became landlord. The Cwps was at the time under threat of demolition in order to build a new roundabaout at the end of Penglais. On his second day as a landlord, he and other objectors protested against the plan and on the third day of his tenancy the Welsh Office abandoned the plan.

1978 – Tafarndau Cymru, Lolfa – 'Un o dafarndau bywiocaf Aberystwyth, wedi ei atfyfodi gan gyddyrddiad gwyrthiol ond profiadol Elfed Evans....Lle bendigedig yn y bar ambell nos Wener pan mae band jazz ...y Chrystal Footwarmers wrthi. Mae canu Gwyddelig nos Iau, ystafell billiards. Cwrw Bragwyr Cymru, draft Bass a BB.'

'One of the liveliest pubs in Aberystwyth after being resurrected by Elfed Evans. At the bottom of Rhiw Las, where students stop on the way from the campus to the sea. Full of local characters and local tradesmen. On Friday nights the jazz band Chrystal Footwarmers play and on Thursday nights, Irish folk music can be heard. The beer is Welsh Brewers, Bass and BB, bar food. An interesting place.'

1979 – Elfed converts the snooker room into a jazz meeting place. The pub became a musicians mecca. The bands the Macacos Jazz and Folk Group, the Irish Ceilidh Band, Trwynau Coch and Aberystwyth Rehearsal Jazz Orchestra rehearsed there.

The Urdd folk dance group – Parti Dawns yr Urdd and the Aberystwyth Morris Dancers also joined in. (WM 30/10/79)

1992 – He became the owner of the pub but Felinfoel bought the pub after his retirement. (Angor 12/1995)

1992 – Directory : Eisteddfod Genedlaethol, Aberyswtyth, Ceredigion – Advert – 'Y Cwps, Aberystwyth. Cartre'r gân a'r pethe. Jazz, pop, gwerin – yn fyw. Croeso I aelwyd gynnes Gymraeg. Dewis da o gwrw Bragwyr Cymru. Fine selection of Welsh Brewers Beer. Tel : (01970) 624050.'

Winter 1995 – Elfed Evans dies.

Summer 2006 – Licensees go bust, Felinfoel advertises for replacements.

The Cwps was decorated inside with more than 300 posters highliting well known Welsh bands and other performers. Many were signed by, for example, George Melly, Humphrey Lyttleton, George Chisholm, Julie Felix, the Wurzels and Max Boyce.

'Elfed y Cwps' as he was known collected posters for years, most of them from Theatr y Werin.

The Cwps was a popular meeting place for Welsh students and a music venue. Jazz and Folk nights were held there.