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December 1997, the Aberystwyth licensing magistrates provisionally agrees to a Justice On-Licence for a restaurant and wine-bar to Llandrindod Wells applicant Paul Spencer White in the former St. Paul's Methodist Church (Wesleyan). At the beginning 1999, Heron and Brearley , the new leaseholders (an Isle of Man development company) was granted permission to convert the Church into a public house. The development cost was estimated at £500,000. (CN 22/4/1999).

The local residents and Aberystwyth Licensed Victuallers Association opposed this because the original plan had been for a restaurant and wine bar. They also opposed it on the grounds of noise, vandalism and traffic congestion. Councillor Hywel Jones said 'The peace of mind of the inhabitants is more important than the fact that this is a crumbling building' (CN 18/9/1997)

The local Methodists objected to the proposals. Aberystwyth Yesterday was trying to raise funds to buy the old Chapel but failed. The Church is a listed building. (gweler CADW Reports) (CN 3/7/1997). Rev. Stephen Wigley said that the church had 'a clear conscience' about selling the church and that the building had been de-registered as a place of worship.