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What are the benefits of physical activity?

PhysicalActivity4Becoming more active can

·        Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease

·        Prevents and controls high blood pressure

·        Prevents and controls Type II diabetes

·        Give you more energy - being able to cope better with daily routines

·        Reduce anxiety and depression

·        Reduce stress - helps people relax more easily

·        Improve self-esteem

·        Strengthen bones and reducing the risk of osteoporosis

·        Increase muscle strength

·        Improve balance, suppleness and mobility

·        Give greater independence in later life - individuals will be able to cope with daily tasks more easily

·        Provide the opportunity to meet and socialise with new friends

·        Help people to lose weight or to maintain body weight

·        Gives people a sense of achievement

·        Increase enjoyment - activity can be fun

Although many people know what physical activity is good for them, they are often unsure how to take the first steps to becoming more active. A number of schemes operate within the county that aim to increase activity levels.